Level 2 Award - Routine Visual Inspection of Playgrounds and Activity Facilities

The Transcend Playground Suite has been designed to provide
  • A response to the need to recognise and accredit the personnel involved in the
    field of maintenance and inspection of playgrounds and additional facilities.
  • A national recognisable accredited qualification.
  • Guidance for centres to support and develop their own quality assurance procedures.
  • A common core of study
  • Compatibility with other higher education studies
  • A framework to enable students to develop their personal and professional skills
  • Flexibility, knowledge, skills and motivation as a means of progressing through studies to support career aspirations.

The Transcend Level 2 Award is designed to give individuals the knowledge, understanding and skills needed for the safe inspection of a play facility at routine level.

£295 + Vat which includes registration with Transcend.